Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moroni's Fortresses.... I am not sure this is quite what they looked like

A more detailed blog will follow, written by our family patriarch, which will take into account the spiritual and comical rendition of last night's FHE.... But I had to post a few of these pics!

Pull out your Book of Mormon and read Alma 50.... can you see it???

Thursday, September 25, 2008


A diplomatic way to decide who gets to go first! I think this video speaks for itself.

Additional photos of our "adopted" boys.

Summer 2008 - Where Did it Go?

The summer got away from us, as it seems life can, when we are not paying close attention. We have battled everything from Japanese Beetles to another layoff for Tom and a major refocus of our spiritual and family life. Right before school restarted we decided to cap the summer off with a trip to Nauvoo, Tom, Jeremiah and I. It was the last week of August and much of the summer programs were done; however, what was nice was that wherever we went, we were basically the only ones. That made for a very intimate and special experience with many of the senior Missionaries. Tom and I even found time alone to walk the temple grounds and down by the riverside at sunset. It was a trip we all needed.

Tom was impressed with the resourcefulness and diverse talents of Brigham Young. He enjoyed the Blacksmith Shop and the wonderful Elder who also had the most memorable role in Rendezvous at Old Nauvoo.

The Family Living Center was a place we all enjoyed. Tom's personal family history includes a great-great-grandfather that was a cooper, so being able to see how a barrels were made, was a very personal connection. I put the rope that Tom and Jeremiah made up on a hook in the kitchen to remind us of the impromptu lesson that another special Elder shared about family, marriage and most importantly, eternal marriage.

But frankly, my favorite part was watching Tom and Jeremiah stick wrestle, only Jeremiah would "cheat" and let go of the stick every time Tom started pulling him up off the ground!

Since school has started, life is busy again, but we are still trying to keep the momentum going that started in Old Nauvoo. Maybe next summer we will get to upstate New York!