Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chicago and a temple preview

Tom and I were so lucky last weekend. We went to Kenosha, picked up a special Elder and his companion and got to shuttle them to the temple for the Hale sealing.

What a trip! It was wonderful, since both Elder Thomas and Elder Horrocks were there. It was Tom's first visit to the temple and it was a beautiful experience. A nice preview for our families trip in December! To see the joy of the Hale's and all of their friends and church family was so uplifting and encouraging. We felt so blessed to be able to be a part of things.

Elder Thomas is a short-timer now. Only a few weeks til he heads home.
Elder Horrocks has a few more months (AUG), but we are all definitely looking forward to reconnecting this summer!
We are so proud of them!

The musical

Its done and Jeremiah is in withdrawl. He did so well and it was quite the production. I was especially tickled that he had a chance to work with my director from my first high school production over 34 years ago. How is that for scarry. Mr "C" as they call him (Cerutti) was the best. His apples hasnt fallen far from the mother tree!