Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Laughing til we cried or ....

Laughter is so incredibly underestimated. Laughter is so incredibly needed by all of us. I mean, the honest, laugh so hard your stomach hurts and everyone around you cant tell if you are still laughing or have started crying (and at my age, could result in multiple forms of "crying").

We had laughter like that last night. It came from a spontaneous moment during Family Home Evening. I cant even try to explain what was said and done that culminated in this outburst, it gets lost in translation; but needless to say, just the thought of the moment, brings this smile to my face and a giggle under my breath. When you have a chance, ask any one of us what Kaitlynn meant when she said "I dont want to die". I guarantee that all, including the Elders, will get have a big smile on their face and start chuckling and then really wont be able to answer the question. I know you all have one of those moments.

My day today, as has been the week so far, is rather tense and full of ups and downs. I remembered Elder Wirthlin's talk from conference. I remember last night and come what may, we'll love it.