Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I can only imagine

I have been having weird dreams lately.  Those odd ones that you just cant let go of?  The ones that are riddled with twisted reality, but then seem to hold a nugget of truth to help you figure out a problem.  Those kind.  I guess the one from this morning had me thrashing about so, that it woke up Tom.   In return for waking him in the wee hours of sunrise, we were able to have one of those lazy Saturday morning talks, in the middle of the week.   Life has gotten away from us, with all the commotion that lazy morning talks have happened less and less.   But back to the subject at hand, the dream….what resulted was his contributing perspective to the series of dreams and being able to come to an understanding that I wouldn’t have  had (or it would have taken me longer and more animated dreams on my own) without his input. 

So, the day wears on and on facebook, I notice a link to a Wynonna performance of my favorite contemporary Christian song, “I Can Only Imagine”.   This woman must have been sharing a wave length with me.

One adaptation to her message – not broken, but broken wide open….

I can only imagine... and oh how that fills my soul!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scanning Old Photos

I am not one to promote a product, especially in this environment, but.... there is always a first!

Like you, I have countless boxes of photos, all taken before the digital age (and usually developed getting duplicate copies, remember that? )  I have wanted to scan these little creatures for years, but the idea of lugging my flatbed scanner to my desk, then having to open the top, put the picture on the bed, make sure its in the exact location, resetting the configuration every time I have a different size photo.  Then, once they are scanned, having to crop and adjust and so on and so on and so on...so they have stayed in their boxes, waiting for the specific scrapbook project or retirement, which ever came first.

Then, I came across this.... The Kodak P460 personal photo scanner.  This morning, I went through an entire box of old photos (it comes with this great sleeve to help with old photos that are deteriorating or curled....) in about an hour.  An HOUR!   My Ancestry.com page and my Family Tree Maker will be very happy!

Can I say...yipee!!!