Tuesday, February 14, 2012

There but for the Grace of God Go I...

This phrase has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now.  I kept asking myself why?  Its attributed to John Bradford (distant relative) being spoken as he watched prisoners heading to the stockades, but some are not convinced of that valid attribution.   As likely as it could have been spoken (or not), the meaning is clear - Watching the suffering of ones who have made painful choices and errs and knowing that all that keeps you from being them is God's Grace or your faith in action in the belief in God's Grace.  

God's grace and mercy are wonderful things, but all too often difficult to personally assimilate into our hearts.  Why, in our natural state, do we all at times (some more than others) feel so unworthy of God's love and grace?  We are his creations and He is perfect.

Our natural man so wants to defeat our spiritual man and there we have the struggle of earthly existence.   I do know that I have been given a gift from a very young age, understanding God's individual care and love for me.   I guess he thought I needed it.   What is my struggle is accepting his help and grace at times when I feel like I should just manage on my own and figure it out all alone.   I forget that He wants to help me too, not just those I think need the help more at that particular time.  Gosh,  a good friend reminded me today that God does have the ability to manage it all - unlike me - who can't multitask very well any more.  He is and will continue to be the ultimate multitasker!

So no matter what, God's plan is bigger than I know and see and his grace is there to carry me through.  I don't have to go it alone - He's got my back!