Monday, January 4, 2010

Endings and Beginnings

So you think if I make known to the blogger world my goals for the upcoming year, I might actually have more success. Millions (Ha! In my dreams) of hidden accountable eyes would likely be a motivator, right? Imagine looking up in the grocery store and wondering if the woman staring at you notices that you just put in your cart the supersize 72 count mini creme puffs, which you adamantly vowed to all your readers that it was number one on the DO NOT TOUCH, LOOK AT, OOGLE OR LUST AFTER IN 2010; or is she staring at the unwashed sweats and hot pink cap covering the "I haven't taken a shower in two days" hair and wondering what would ever make anyone leave their home in THAT condition? Either way, accountability can be a good thing, right?

So here is the "I promise to myself to do" list for 2010

1. Make sure that the last six months of the baby's life under the wings of his parents are actually memorable and healthy ones, despite the fact that he is a 17-year-old hormonal, sometimes insecure, sometimes overconfident, most of the time knows everything about anything, teenager and cant decide if he wants to be 18 or 12.

2. Plan for months 7 through 12 - which means:
A. Getting a passport for the first time in my life and not caring if I loose 20, 30, 40 even 80 pounds before I have the picture taken;

B. Growing my hair long - okay longer, than the short-short crop that I always have had just cause it was easy and quick and no fuss. I have time now, right?

3. Vacation in the middle of the school year!

4. A spur of the moment trip to Canada, just cause I have a passport and want to use it!

5. Not feeling bad that I am going to go to Europe without my children! My oldest declared that it was not fair, she had never been to Europe either. I promptly informed her that since I had to wait 47 years to accomplish that feat, I was not going to feel the least bit guilty if she had to wait beyond her 21st birthday! I did not even dignify the 17-year-olds moans of unfairness with an acknowledgement that he had even spoken!

Since the new year needs to be about personal improvement, here is the "I Promise To Be Better At" list:

1. Try to find time everyday to do something for someone else who does not expect me to do something for them. (That excludes all immediate family members).

2. Read as much 19th Century English literature I can get my hands on.

3. Improve my conversational French skills, so that I can speak fluently in French with my visiting teaching companion.

4. Keep up with Old Testament GD class this year and pulling out my old Hebrew and refreshing my brain, so its not all lost forever.

5. Be a more diligent patient and following the guidelines set by my docs, cause they actually have been working!!

6. Finally, limiting my eye rolling when my 17-year-old declares he is getting "so old".

So, if any of you see me in the grocery store and I have that 72 count frozen crème puffs, stop me
and remind me of #5.