Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Change is coming - Wait, change is here!

We are halfway through October already. My front porch, yard, pond, driveway, walkway are completely covered in leaves. I love the color of leaves, although I am not fond of raking them. I have this philosophy…why keep raking when more are going to fall? Why not just wait till they have all dropped and then rake? Makes sense, right? Although tracking leaves into my house is not a good thing. It looks messy too and I do not think my neighbors appreciate my attitude. I need a farm, or better yet a ranch. We were online looking for potential places for Kaitlynn to live when she heads out west this winter. I found this ranch, by accident. Room for 7 horses. Tom and Kaitlynn thought Alpacas would be better. I said ONE HORSE please. I laughed. We were actually having a dialogue about moving to a ranch out west. How very odd is that. The mountains are very inviting. Tom and I both agree that if we cant be near ocean, mountains are the best alternative. I guess I am restless or just feeling that we wont be here forever. Maybe a bit of both.

Change is the constant in my life right now. Change in our home. Change in our family composition. Change in our day to day activities. Changes the kids are each going through. Change in our community. Change in the weather. Change in the political climate. Change in the economic climate. Constant change. I used to think I thrived on change, but not so anymore. I think I still try and adapt well; that military "bloom where your planted" approach. I do look at Jeremiah and know for sure that he will keep us stable and here for another 18 or so months.

After that, I cant even imagine what will happen or where we will end up.