Monday, October 5, 2009

The Temple is in clear sight!

Its already October! As I sit here typing, I notice the yellow, orange, brown of the leaves. Beautiful, but I have a lot of trees - so it means raking. I have discovered the blower is good for something other than cut grass on the sidewalk! Yipee! I do not think the City is happy when the leaves end up in the gutter (by accident of the powerful stream of air emanating from the blower and my very imprecise aiming ability to keep the leaves on the easement! - so NOT intentional!)

General conference was this weekend. I love general conference. The talks are as varied as the speakers giving them. We hear talks I think must have been written and spoken specifically for me; Then there are the talks (Like Elder Holland's) where I quietly cheer in my head, praising the Lord for giving that man the courage to say what he means, mean what he says and not be afraid of who or what will respond.

This conference, however, seemed to be focused on making sure our hearts have experienced the "mighty change" and that our lives truly reflect that change, making it clear to all in the world, who we are and where we stand in our faith.

My husband has been the greatest example to me lately of just that principle. No matter how much he has appeared to have "lost", the changes in him have surely been mighty. He holds onto that faith, so unwaveringly, even when confronted with what could easily knock the strongest of us down. He stands tall and presses forward.

We are down to the last "leg" of the race, before we head off to the temple to be sealed as a couple. This is such an exciting time for us. Sort of feels like we are getting married, all over again, only this time, in the right place and making eternal vows. I am certainly learning patience and learning how to surrender to my Father's will for me.

So, in order to remain patient and not get too anxious, wired up or crazy, I am just keeping busy. Work helps, projects help, helping others certainly helps a lot, but what helps the most is the day to day stuff with Tom, the kids and just focusing on them, our family relationships and just trying to be the best me, wife, mom, that I can be. That certainly takes up more than enough time in one day. I just get lost in my family and those things that matter most. Well, not having a count-down counter on my facebook helps a lot too!

We've rounded the corner and the stadium is in sight.