Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's that time of year

My kids are going to laugh when they see this post, but heck, who cares.

IT'S COUNT DOWN TO DRUM CORPS! I am such a closet fan! I look forward every summer to June and Drums On Parade. I have been a supporter and fan of Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps since I was in high school and several of our marching band members were scouts!

Its great music of course, but there is something so uplifting in watching the hard work and dedication of young people. These kids put their heart and soul into something so positive and so enriching. How can I not be in support of that! My kids will also tell you that I tried with all three of them to get them to join, but it never worked out. That's okay. We love it as a family and its one of those traditions that we will be sharing with our grandchildren one day.

If you get a chance, go support your local drum corps. Tickets to local events are usually pretty affordable and every penny goes to support drum corps.

Here's the link for Madison's Oldest Drum Corps event:

Not from Madison? Visit and find your areas drum corps! Enjoy some music this summer. I know we will!

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