Thursday, December 10, 2009

Temple Excursion #1

How Beautiful is the Temple!  On 12/05/09 we set out for the Chicago Temple with great friends, for Tom's first visit!  For a woman who always has enough words to more than express many a situation, I have been completely wordless.  Not thoughtless, wordless.  It is so hard to describe the experience, its uniqueness, its power, its beauty and all that comes to mind is "pure joy".  

After a 15 year absence for myself, it felt wondeful coming home, especially with those who share the moment with us. 

An experience such as what we all had, bonded already strong friendships, strengthened new ones and was the perfect prep for temple excursion #2, which is all about our family!   I feel so blessed in my life! I am so grateful!


Suelyn said...

It was so amazing!! I'm so glad we were invited and that we could make it. It's a memory I'll cherish forever... plus all of the other wonderful memories made in WI :) Love you!
p.s. we got a new blog address.

Stephen said...

I absolutely love that black and white picture. Thank you guys for the amazing weekend. You have influenced me in ways deeper than you will probably ever know. I love you guys!