Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Butterfly is Free...

The first was second and now there is only one left. This butterfly is free from her cocoon and flitting away for a season. Can I flit away too? I have always been a gypsy at heart, waiting for the winds to blow and tell when it is time to leave. This time, however, I am staying and they are leaving.

I am excited for Kaitlynn. She has an adventure unfolding. Dreams to work toward, experiences to have, new people to meet. She just called and they are near the Wyoming/Utah border. She feels the way about mountains that I feel about the ocean. There is something comforting and awe-inspiring about them. They are bigger and grander than you could ever possibly be and they are humbling. Its her adventure and now I can live vicariously through her, until that is, we start out on our own in 18 months.

Yes, 18 months til the last butterfly flies off. (I think he is in the cocoon stage right now, if you ask me!) Then its a new season of life for Tom and I . We were just reflecting about not having ever had a chance to "date" and be alone in our married life. We dated with children, we married with children. So in a short time, we get our time together. I do say, for as hard as it is watching them leave, in the back of my mind I keep thinking, wow, we wont have to plan vacations around school breaks anymore, will we??? We can just pick up and go for a long weekend without worrying who was going to have to get where when? I can get used to that!

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Anne Bradshaw said...

Being an empty nester is a great stage of life :-)

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