Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Trip to Bountiful...or should I say Provo

Tom and Kaitlynn's trip out west was almost a month ago. Slow getting the photos out, but I no longer have the luxury of working from home. I must now venture from my home office, and of all times to start a commute, in the frigid cold. Remind me why we are in Wisconsin? I am quickly forgetting! Their trip was a wonderful experience for them both. I am so proud of her right now. As time passes, the calls become less frequent, which means she is doing well. For all who follow, stay tuned to the March CES Fireside. Her Institute choir is singing and Elder Bednar is speaking. She/we are excited. I know to some that's just normal, but for us and for her, its just another way of reminding us she is in the right place and doing the right thing.

I am so glad that both Tom and Katy shared the journey together. What a memory they will have for a lifetime.

As a side note, right after the trip out west, we said our final goodbyes to our "adopted" Elder Thomas. The cycle is complete and we are all onto the next cycle. Its been an adjustment, but they both/all remain in our hearts and our prayers. They certainly shall not be forgotten and will always be with us! Our lives are forever changed by their love, their dedication and their service to their Father in Heaven!

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