Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Passing on a Blog I follow...

I follow a wonderful LDS blogger from Las Vegas.  She is a musician and a doctrinal whiz and has the wittiest sense of humor.  Plus, her kids are basically the ages of my children and her adventures are so similar.  I can laugh many times at what I immediately found to be the most irritating situation I had ever epxerienced as a mother. 

Today, I stopped by her blog and her post was not the usual fun and witty essay.   She wrote a very straightforward, very honest and yet expressive post on how she feels about some of the political commentary taking place in amongst ourselves in our places of worship - more importantly how we are treating others on the opposite sides of the political spectrum in our own community.  Since I have been the recipient of, heard the same words spoken and felt the same indigation she expresses in her blog, I want to pass it on.  You do not know what her political persuasion is (which is as it should be)... So please, if you read anything this year in the blogger world - read this.


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